Our clients are from all corners of the industry, including:

- Operators

- Pools

- Ship owners

- Trading houses

- Brokers

- Ship designers

- Stock listed companies



Our clients are currently spread over more than 10 different countries across the globe, including:

- Bahamas

- Denmark

- Greece

- Hong Kong

- Isle of Man

- Marshall Islands

- Monaco

- Netherlands

- Singapore

- Switzerland

- United Arab Emirates

- United Kingdom

- United States



"We use vesselindex on a daily basis. It enables us to compare vessels on equal merits across our organization/offices. The latest version of vesselindex has offered some very valuable additions – fx the ability to modify the specific weight/influence of certain vessel features, and not least the ability to see how a specific vessel is described up against peers”

Martin Sato, Director, BaltNav


"We use Vesselindex when screening ships we consider to purchase and we find the product highly reliable and easy to use”

Daniel Kampmann, CEO, Alpina Chartering


“Vesselindex has proven to be a useful tool for Wah Kwong when it comes to objective internal reporting, the benchmarking of specific ships against market indices and in aiding our discussions with charterers. The well defined methodology combined with the easy functionality of the system and the support and flexibility of the Vessel Index team has been excellent.” 

David G. Palmer, CEO, Wah Kwong Maritime Transport Ltd



Vesselindex defines our pool point allocation amongst our pool members. Using a 3rd party assessment tool like VesselIndex supports our aim to create transparency and openness to our existing and future clients.” 

Sean Dawson, CEO, MX Bulk


“We believe VesselIndex can be a helpful resource for analysts and investors to compare relative performance of companies; which is a welcome shift by the industry to more nuanced analysis and valuation.”

Gary Vogel, CEO, Eagle Bulk Shipping