VESSELINDEX® - EEXI Analysis tool

Upcoming IMO regulations on ship efficiency and emission standards will require shipowners to focus on compliance and reducing emissions.

EEXI  (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index) is a central part.

As a consequence of EEXI, the majority of bulk carriers and tankers will become restricted on speed and thereby on operational flexibility. This will  have an impact on time charter (TCE) earnings.





With VESSELINDEX®  - EEXI Analysis tool users can:

- calculate commercial impact on time charter (TCE) earnings.

- obtain guidance on maximum operational speed.

- calculate EEXI to establish IMO compliance of any vessel.


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Relevance to whom?

VESSELINDEX®  - EEXI Analysis tool is relevant for:

- Owners & operators

- S&P executives

- Chartering managers

- Financiers

- Insurers