Chartering complexity made simple


VESSELINDEX® index calculator enables clients to compare and benchmark any given dry bulk or tanker vessel.

The user friendly VESSELINDEX® interface includes many useful features saving time in day-to-day chartering work. Whether it is the "list functionality" where multiple vessels can be saved or the "forward module" which allows the user to enter desired fuel prices and market levels.

As a unique feature VESSELINDEX® also offers instant due diligence guidance in relation to vessels' speed & consumption.

Sale & Purchase

VESSELINDEX® S&P calculator enables clients to obtain instant Market Value Guidance (MGV) on any given dry bulk or tanker vessel.

Further the VESSELINDEX® S&P calculator provides options to make specific Project Assessments (PA) with a large range of custom options, to make comparison of S&P projects easy and quick.

All project assessments are on NPV/IRR basis.

Common for both market value guidance and project assessment are the report tools that allow the user to get structured decision support documentation within the click of a button.

Portfolio Management

A wide range of independent bespoke services in relation to the management of a dry bulk vessel portfolio.

We support our clients all the way when investing in shipping assets or managing an existing portfolio.

Our focus is on structured overview of the income potential and cost profile. Every detail matters!


VESSELINDEX®️ helps you assess and manage the economic impact of EEXI and CII regulations.

With VESSELINDEX® - EEXI tool users can:
  •  - calculate commercial EEXI impact on time charter (TCE) earnings.
  • - obtain guidance on maximum operational speed.
  • - calculate EEXI to establish IMO compliance of any vessel.

With VESSELINDEX® - CII tool users can:
  • - simulate CII ratings at multiple speeds
  • - simulate CII ratings with custom operational profiles
  • - obtain guidance speed to comply with CII requirements

Performance Report

The VESSELINDEX®️ Performance Report compares and ranks performance in an apple-to-apple format.

Get tangible insights as to how value is created by the listed dry bulk companies.

  • - TCE performance relating to fleet earning potential, size and age.  
  • - Overall performance rankings and segment specific TCE rankings.
  • - Ranking on chartering performance of listed dry bulk companies.
  • - Reporting transparency on TCE’s (Time Charter Equivalents).

Speed Indicator

The VESSELINDEX®️ Speed Indicator is a tangible waypoint on the firmness of the balance between demand and supply in the dry bulk industry.

It indirectly measures the latent capacity in the market (i.e. supply of dry bulk tonnage and/or transportation work).
It provides an aggregated view on the optimum operation speed under the prevailing freight & fuel market conditions.

Ship owners, analysts and other stakeholders will get a tangible idea on how slow "slow steaming" is.