Speed Indicator

VESSELINDEX® Speed Indicator is an unavoidable element in assessments of the dynamics of dry bulk tonnage supply to the market. It is published weekly for dry bulk handysize, supramax, panamax and capesize.

Weekly Update

VESSELINDEX® Speed Indicator is a tangible indicator on the balance between demand and supply in the dry bulk industry.

- It provides an aggregated view on the optimum operation speed under the prevailing freight & fuel market conditions.

- Shipowners, analysts and other stakeholders will get a tangible measure on how slow “slowsteaming” is.

- It indirectly measures the latent capacity in the market (i.e. supply of dry bulk tonnage and/or transportation work).
Speed Indicator

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How it works

Depending on the market environment, each individual vessel will have economic incentive to trade at different speeds depending on the relationship between deadweight, draft, hold capacity and speed/consumption.  

In the VESSELINDEX® context, the optimal speed is the operational speed at which a given vessel yields its maximum index/return under a given market scenario.

The Speed Indicator uses a representative basket of standard dry bulk designs across building country, size and age profile. The basket encompasses approximately 40% of the global dry bulk fleet.